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International shipping of goods through the sea is an important part of our services as a Sea freight Dubai Company. We offer competitive rates and provide our customers with customizable solutions for hassle-free shipping of their goods from Dubai to global destinations. Sea freight is carried out through containers and vessels that are used to transport goods from one destination to another through the sea. The movement of containers is closely monitored by shipping authorities to ensure safe and secure shipping of goods. It is an ideal shipping solution, particularly for the goods and equipment that cannot be transported through air freight.

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What is LCL sea freight?

LCL sea freight (or LCL ocean freight) stands for Less than Container Load sea freight. When choosing this option, you’ll only be using a fraction of a shipping container’s capacity. The remaining space within that container will be filled by goods belonging to other people or businesses. LCL ocean freight is a good shipping option if you’re transporting small volumes of cargo across seas and want to consolidate the ocean freight cost by sharing the container.

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What is FCL sea freight?

FCL sea freight (or FCL ocean freight) stands for Full Container Load sea freight. As the name suggests, this option means you’ll be using, and paying for, the entire container so that only your cargo occupies the space. FCL ocean freight is a good option if you know you have enough cargo to fill an entire shipping container. The size of the shipping containerwill also determine if this is the right option for you. For instance, you might be able to fill a 20-foot shipping container but not a 40-foot one. Many businesses also opt for FCL sea freight if they can almost fill a container making the difference in cost barely noticeable.

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